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Maria Bello

Actor, Activist, Author and Producer
Maria Bello is an internationally renowned actor, activist, author, and producer. She has been an activist working in women’s rights for 30 years and was voted one of Variety magazine’s most powerful women in Hollywood for her activism with women in Darfur. Maria also travelled to Kosovo during the war to interview women about the genocide and sexual violence against them and lobbied congress to organize the first ever hearing on rape as a weapon of war. She started a women’s clinic in Haiti and holds the title of Ambassador at Large for the women in Haiti. She has spoken at the State Department on women and social business and at the UN on women in media. She is also a ReFrame Ambassador for Women in Film to work towards gender parity in the entertainment industry. Most recently, Maria spoke at the Women’s March on Main in Sundance and is a vocal supporter of human rights and justice under the current administration. Her films in production center on women and diverse voices. Maria is currently producing a feature film about the Amazons of Dahomey starring Viola Davis and her next project House of Wisdom directed by Jehane Noujaim (The Squre) is scheduled to begin shooting in the fall.