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Christian Laursen

LOOT Interactive
Creative Director
Greater Los Angeles Area
Christian Laursen, Creative Director at LOOT Interactive, is an industry veteran.

He created together with the LOOT team the Apollo Museum for Sansar, Linden Lab’s new social VR platform. Worked closely with Buzz Aldrin Space Institute to design the realistic-looking version of the CYCLER and LANDER spacecrafts for 8i and Time Inc.’s LIFE VR “Buzz Aldrin CYCLING PATHWAYS TO MARS” VR experience. Christian also interfaced with Jeffrey Kluger from Time Inc. while defining key elements and structures used for the Moon and Mars scenes.

As an Artist, Christian has a vast production experience. Christian has been an Art Director, 3D Generalist and Production Designer on multiple productions to name just a few of his many distinguished credits, Christian collaborated with Disney, DreamWorks, Sony Pictures, Sega, Activision, EA, Konami, and Virgin on many AAA titles, such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Silent Hill, Matrix Path of Neo.

As a Writer/Director, Christian produced ‘Wounded Love’, an independent feature film released in 2014.  Christian was also part of the teams that created the Award-winning video games for Disney and Sega such as Aladdin, Jungle Book, and Cool Spot: the 7up mascot.  At LOOT, Christian has worked on VR, Games, UX/UI for streaming apps and PlayStation®Home. 

He is a firm believer in “design follows function” and using story telling techniques for designs. Which can be seen throughout the Apollo Museum and Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathway To Mars.