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Csilla Kozma

Head of VR Content
San Francisco
Csilla Kozma Andersen has produced multiple immersive experiences in virtual reality and in augmented reality. She worked on cinematic, documentary and music pieces like Disney Star Wars: The Last Jedi, One Republic music video Kids, NASA NBL Space Walk documentary, Heroes art dance piece. Worked on indie productions like The Argos File which was nominated at the Venice Biennale and won Proto Awards. She is currently the Head of VR Content at Nokia Technologies, where she is collaborating with creatives to push the limit with the Nokia VR Technologies like the OZO camera & post-production tools and OZO Reality platform for delivery and playback.  Csilla previously worked at Dolby labs as Director of Content Creation, where she initiated partnerships for Dolby Vision - Dolby’s extended-dynamic range and wide color gamut technology - and for Dolby 3D. She worked with Hollywood creatives and technologists to adopt the workflow and create content with Dolby’s technology for home and theaters.